Quod Associates: About

Quod Associates Limited emerged from the highly successful Quod Consulting founded by James Trotman in 2011.

A former Royal Marines Officer and Police Chief Superintendent, James has worked with teams and individuals to provide solutions to those whose lifestyle, home, office or business need discreet and professional advice and often swift action to tight financial constraints.

Our clients value our discretion as much as we recognise that their reputation is also in our care when we work with them. We have provided services in fragile environments for a global energy company and are providing ongoing services to several UK Top 250 Businesses. We also operate in various high value asset protection markets and for families and individuals who have needed prompt specialist help and support.

We only use Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed consultants and for many tasks our people possess UK Government level security clearance at SC or above.

James Trotman

James Trotman

Quod Associates: The name

Quod Associates are based primarily in Oxford, UK. The Company was formed during an initial meeting in the “Quod” in Oxford, for the sake of clarity, the former Oxford Quod (or Oxford prison) is now an upmarket hotel (the Malmaison) but the name stuck.

Our colours represent the unique blend of Police (blue) and Military (green) experience our people possess.